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Real Estate Law

At some point in your life, you will be fortunate enough to be buying your first home. As the years pass, you may sell that home to upgrade to another. Perhaps you will keep that home and rent it. You may acquire a cottage or other recreational property. A business venture may mandate the acquisition or lease of a commercial property. Along the way, you will need the advice and assistance of a lawyer.

In Ontario, the transfer of ownership of real property is now completed electronically through software issued to licensed and approved users. Real Estate Lawyers are one group licensed to use this software, and the only group authorized to register Deeds. As such, you need a lawyer to convey real estate in Ontario; but there are many other reasons why you would want one.

We can help you understand the nature and effect of the terms of your Agreement of Purchase and Sale, preferably prior to it being signed. We can guide you though the process so that there are no unexpected surprises. Ultimately, we are there to ensure that title is properly transferred, closing funds are properly handled, and in general that your interests are protected.

With proper legal advice, real estate transactions can be completed smoothly, giving you the least amount of stress in what should be an exciting and enjoyable time in your life. Since 1995, we have successfully completed thousands of real estate transactions. We know what can go wrong, and we are proactive to avoid those pitfalls. When issues arise, we know how to make things right.

Our real estate team includes two lawyers and several experienced real estate clerks, thus ensuring clients can always get the answers they need, and tight time lines can be met. Through such individualized attention, we have grown to be one of the largest providers of real estate services in Renfrew County. Talk to your neighbours, co-workers and friends in the area as there is a good chance we completed their last transaction. Talk to your Realtor, Bank or Mortgage Broker. Referrals from past clients and those in the know are our greatest source of new business.

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