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Wills, Powers of Attorney and Estates

The power of attorney is a guide to help someone make decisions for you in case you are not able. This could happen if you experienced a traumatic event while living, as well as making end of life decisions. It is important to have a designated person or persons for this task so that this stressful and difficult time can be handled in the best possible way by someone who is prepared to make the necessary decisions.

Estate Planning is a process in which you arrange your affairs to ensure that, upon death or in the event of disability, your wishes are followed with the least amount of trouble and expense to your loved ones.

A Will identifies the person(s) whom you wish to administer your affairs as well as the people, charities or other organizations you wish to benefit from your estate. It is the guide your loved ones are to follow in passing to them your life savings.

While there is legislation in place to deal with your Estate in the event you do not have a Will, the provision of this legislation may not reflect your actual wishes. In addition to the possibility of your assets being distributed in a fashion contrary to your wishes, the lack of direction resulting from the absence of a Will may cause antagonism among your loved ones, and will certainly result in a delay in their ability to handle your affairs.


When a loved one does pass, funeral arrangements must be made, assets have to be preserved, dependents provided for, creditors paid, the ownership of assets transferred, and income tax returns filed.

We know that this is a difficult time for people where counsel is often sought. For some people, they are comfortable handling the majority of the work involved in an estate, and we are here simply to advise and to assist when reassurance is required or the services of a lawyer are mandatory. For others, they take comfort in knowing that the process is being handled by professionals who have experiences in these matters.

Whether you are just looking for confirmation that you are on the right track, or whether you wish us to assist in all aspects of the administration of an estate, we are here to help.